Everyone’s station in life is unique and the way that our probate, estate tax and income tax systems handles each person’s individual situation is different. For these reasons, we have a preliminary information sheet for estate planning clients. The information provided in this sheet needs to be as specific and accurate as possible, so that we can provide the best representation of your legal interests and provide you with the best legal services possible. This includes up-to-date and accurate information concerning you, your family and your finances.

Below is a link to view the form. This form would be used during a scheduled consultation to discuss and decide upon an estate plan that best suits your needs and future desires.

Preliminary Information for Estate Planning, Will, Trusts and Family Limited Partnerships

Are you ready to take the next step? Complete the information sheet and contact one of our offices to schedule a consultation: Bowie (940-872-8500); Decatur (940) 627-1460

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