Adoption and Uncontested Family Law

Few areas of practice are more emotionally charged than those dealing with one’s family. In fact, it often is true that the adversarial process required of family law litigation can lead to tensions between the parties that do not abate even after the case is complete. It is important that a family law attorney possess a caring understanding of the issues to help clients overcome the rigors of family law litigation.

Family law, also requires time and commitment to the client’s goals and circumstances. Due to the heavy demand of the firm’s case load in other areas of law, the firm handles only Adoptions and Uncontested Matters (divorce, paternity, child custody, child support arrearages, criminal non-support cases, visitation, temporary orders, premarital agreements, domestic abuse, mediation, spousal support, modifications, terminations, judgment enforcement, grandparent right cases, guardianships of minors, or any other financial or marital property-related uncontested and agreed matters) at this time.

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