At present, The Earp Law Firm, P.C. is operated by Brandon S. Earp, an attorney with over 23 years of legal experience, and a talented team of legal assistants and paralegals.


It is our goal to serve our clients in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Conferring with an attorney usually means that a person is contemplating a significant change in their life, be it family, financial or business related, we respect the fact that our clients are undergoing turmoil or uncertainty in their future. Through a common sense approach to legal problems coupled with up-to-date legal scholarship, our firm can help you through whatever the world throws your way.

General Practice

We are a general civil practice law firm which means we have a working knowledge of many areas of the law. We are equipped to research and litigate even the most intricate issues of law and do so regularly. We do not specialize. While we do have certain preferences in the types of cases we take, we feel that knowledge of all aspects of your case and the ramifications certain decisions in the prosecution or defense of your case may have on you in other areas or fields of law is invaluable in advising you on your best options in handling your case. That is why we practice real estate, probate, business organizations, estate planning, commercial litigation, consumer rights, debt collection, contracts, personal injury and take limited uncontested family law matters and adoptions. Simply put, life is not specialized and nor should your approach to the law affecting it be. The Earp Law Firm, P.C. is capable of handling your needs in many areas and knows how one decision can, and often does, affect another.

Clients Matter

Clients matter to our firm, so we make every effort to show you personal attention and develop a bond of trust between us that fosters a good strong representation. Our firm makes every effort to return calls quickly, respond to e-mails, and generally keep you abreast of all the happenings in your case. We copy our clients on all correspondence and pleadings and keep our files organized so we can quickly respond to issues that arise suddenly, as so many things in the law do. We are honest with our clients, our opposing counsel and the judges we argue before, and we expect nothing less from our clients. We also represent clients through respect for all those involved in the matter. It is through honesty and respect that we are able to zealously advocate for and best represent our client both in court and in intimate business transactions.



Not sure if your case can win in court? Let our attorney guide you through the process.



Debt Collection


A Mandate for Professionalism

We follow the Texas Lawyer’s Creed, as should all attorneys, litigants and judges; and we hope you will take the time to review it.

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